Episode 46: Who’s Really Gonna Tell Diana No?


Alright, 'Combies! The boys are giving you another meal-style roller coaster of an episode for you. We talk a bit more about long-standing cases reaching undesirable resolutions and the inherent trends surrounding them (police keep messing up and people in general can't stop sucking in bad ways). BUT! We aren't just talking about depressing stuff (though a lot of it is pretty heavy), we're also going to be reviewing a little piece of awesomeness that defied all expectations. That's right, Wonder Woman came out and get ready to hear our thoughts on it and beware for there be spoilers ahead. So come on down and let's enjoy the ride!

 Zeus - Too Late

The news stories discussed: Philando Castile VerdictSandra Bland(That P.O.S.) Brock Turner

Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman script: 0.o

And for something fun, the Zeus Meme

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