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Episode 50: This is FAR from The Last Jedi, Internet!!

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

Alright, 'Combies! Welcome to 2018! Not even a month in and things are all too "interesting" already. But, for our 50th episode, we're tackling something exceptionally divisive within the geek community and doesn't appear to be dying down anytime soon. With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there's been a wave of love and outrage over this movie that hasn't been seen since the Prequels as the fanbase is virtually split down the middle over it. (Star Wars: Civil War? Nah! Too redundant.) So now, your boys are diving into the film with a full review and in-depth discussion of it. So come on down, find out how The Last Jedi made us feel, and our take on the internet's reaction to the movie. It's gonna be a trip, y'all!

Oh and for those that actually are interested in the oddity that is the "Ugandan Knuckles" meme... ::sighs::

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Episode 40: Back to the Melee: SHUT UP, INTERNET!!!

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Well, 'Combies. It's that time again. Of course, it's another episode of the Honeycomb Hideout, but it's more than that. It's a Melee episode! For those uninitiated, a "melee" is a confused scuffle or struggle. That is a pretty accurate description of what these episodes are; they are unplanned, unbridled streams of consciousness of your boys jump from topic to topic. Whether it's politics, fan entitlement, video games, extremely random references... Well... more random references than usual... and so much more! So if you want to get swept up into the melee, come on down and hold on tight, 'cuz it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!

For the video "Couch Commander" featuring President Barack Obama referenced by Paul, watch THIS!

For the interview that the guys inadvertently gape at William Fichtner over, watch THIS!

For the non-butchered original image that Joe is referencing from the Marvel series "Siege", look at THIS!

And because awesomeness, for the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite teaser, WATCH THIS!


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