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HCH Throwback: Black History Month

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Well, 'Combies, the Imaginos crew has been hard at work on "Imaginos Plus", but since we didn't want to let Black History Month go by without contributing something, we've got a little treat for you. We're climbing into our Tardis and hittin' that wayback switch and taking y'all back to the second episode of the original Honeycomb Hideout! For this one, we covered a number of different topics ranging from prominent black characters in fiction to the logistics of Marvel vs. Capcom. Yep, it was a fun one, so come on and relive it with us!


Episode 20: Youmadness Day 2

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

And here we go, 'Combies! Part 2 of the Honeycomb Hideout's coverage of Youmacon 2013! This episode goes straight into the trenches as we interview "Jesus Christ" (yep, we're going to hell.), the awesome costumer Faye (who's website is listed below), a good commentary from Imaginos Workshop peeps Alexa Walker and Shauna Grant and an incredibly in-depth conversation with Ara Belian and Jim O' Brien! Yeah, when we 'Con it up, we do it up all over the place in the Hideout!

And make sure to check out Faye's website for any of your cosplay costume and accessory needs:
+3 Defense

Oh and stay tuned to the Imaginos Workshop blog for the Day 3 show and photos from Youmacon 2013!