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Episode 8: Dirty SOPA Sundry!

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Man, we've got all full house on deck for this one! With an overflow of material from the last show's "Adult Entertainment" topic and the shadow of SOPA still in the distance, the gang decides to call in some friends to weigh in on the cavalcade of deviancy and dick-ishness! So come on down as Joe, Mark, Nik and Jon are joined by their homie of old, JJ, and Jane Lane even pops in for a word or two. It's a madhouse in the 'Hideout tonight so join the fun!

And a bit of forewarning here, folks. You all know we're an 18+ podcast, so that goes without saying, but this show is ESPECIALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!  Just being a bud and giving y'all the heads up.  ;)